solo and two-person exhibitions

Fire Fire (in collaboration with Abbas Akhavan), Malaspina Gallery & Centre A, Summer 2012

Pushed out the door, back through the window, Or Gallery, Berlin, December 2010

The Creature, La Centrale, Montreal, PQ , Feb.-March 2011

Neighbours (in collaboration with Abbas Akhavan), AMS Gallery, UBC, September 2010

Menagerie (in collaboration with Abbas Akhavan), AXENEO7/DAIMON, Gatineau, QC, April-May 2009,

Neighbours (in collaboration with Abbas Akhavan; curated by Joni Murphy and Kika Thorne), VIVO Media Centre, Vancouver, BC, Oct.-Nov. 2008

The King and I (in collaboration with Phillip McCrum). Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery Satellite, Vancouver, BC, Sept.-October 2006

New Work, Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver, BC, September 2004

Roy and McHardy (in collaboration with Natasha McHardy), Concordia University VAV Gallery, Montreal, QC, March 2004

Roy and McHardy (in collaboration with Natasha McHardy). Or Gallery, Vancouver, BC, Feb.-March 2004

—. Struts Art Gallery, Sackville, NB, Nov.-Dec. 2002

Greener Pastures (in collaboration with Abbas Akhavan): Open Space Gallery, Victoria, BC, July 2002

… Artspeak gallery, Vancouver, BC, March-April 2001

26 Manic Types, Eye Level Gallery, Halifax, NS, April-May 1997

Errant, Eye Level Gallery, Halifax, NS, July-Aug. 1994

Booked Solid, Anna Leonowens Gallery, Halifax, NS, June 1993

select group exhibitions

Unreal, Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver BC, January 2011

Cinema Verite Redux (curated by Shaheen Merali), Gallery Sumukha, Chennai, India, Nov. 2010

Cinema Verite Redux, Gallery Sumukha, Bengaluru, India, Sept. 2010

Home Sweet Home, Berlin, July 2010

No Sex No Life, 205 Days, Vancouver, BC, June 2010

CUE Video, Vancouver Art Gallery, Feb.-March 2010

Angels in the Angles (exhibition of concrete poetry), Gallery Atsui, Vancouver BC, October 2009

How soon is now, Vancouver Art Gallery, Feb.-May 2009

When the Mood Strikes Us, Platform Gallery, Winnipeg, Fall 2008

"Trappings" (participant in the public art library project Group Search (Art in the Library),

curated by Lorna Brown, Vancouver Public Library, Downtown Branch, Sept. 2006-March2008

Interior of Design (curated by Jordan Strom, Republic Gallery, june-august 2008

Beauty and the Beast, Alternator Gallery, Kelowna BC, Sept.-Oct. 2006

Everyday Every Other Day, Art Gallery of Mississauga, Mississauga, ON, May-June 2006

The End, H Block Gallery, Brisbane, Australia, Feb.-March 2006

No Place as Home: New Art From Vancouver, Projektraum Viktor Bucher, Vienna, Austria, February 2005

*No Place as Home: New Art From Vancouver, Galerie AP4-ART, Geneva, Switzerland, March-April 2005

I am a Curator, Chisenhale Gallery, London, Nov.-Dec. 2003

Saturday Society: Explorations in Psychic Geography II , Or Gallery, Vancouver, BC, May 2003

Various Properties, Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery, UBC, Vanccouver, BC, Jan.-March 2003

Empty Returns, Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery, Sept. 1999

Contemporary Artists' Books (group exhibition), Arizona State University Art Gallery, Tempe, AZ, March-April 1999

Working Papers, Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Halifax, NS, Sept.-Nov. 1997

The Food Show, Mount Saint Vincent University Art Gallery, Halifax, NS, April-May 1995

Artist's Books, Mount Saint Vincent University Art Gallery, Halifax, NS, Feb.-March 1994

film festivals and film screenings


George & Jorge, screened during "Home Movies: single-channel screenings by Jamelie Hassan, Paul Wong, Nikki S. Lee, and Roy & McHardy", Platform Gallery

Apartment (animation, 2008), The Green Lantern Gallery, Chicago, IL

Apartment (animation, 2008), "Sites for Seeing: Out of the Cineplex and Into the Marshland", Struts Gallery and Faucet Media Arts, Sackville, NB

Sleeper (animation 2004), Entzaubert - Queer DIY film fest, Berlin


Sleeper, Sydney Underground Film Festival, Sydney Australia

Apartment, screened during Watery Grave, Parlour, Staten Island NY

Sleeper, Montreal Underground Film Festival

Sleeper, Centre for Art Tapes, Halifax NS

Apartment, Pavilion Projects, Dépanneur Le Pickup (dinner and screening), Montréal QC

Apartment, Pavilion Projects, 111 Wooster Street, Apt. 4E, NYC

Apartment, North Island College Theatre, Comox BC

Apartment, Comox Art Gallery, Comox BC


Sleeper at the FIAE 2008 - 3rd International Festival of Erotic Animation, Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Boucher and Cacciatore, Helen Pitt Gallery, Vancouver BC

Alice and Martha, Gastown Drive-In (organized by Cineworks), Vancouver BC

Sleeper, Eastern Edge Gallery, St. John's Newfoundland


Alice and Martha, New York International Independent Film and Video Festival NYC

Alice and Martha, Helen Pitt Gallery, Vancouver BC

artist talks and symposia (co-organizer)

Persistent Resistance, Artist Talks and Screenings and Symposium/Panel, November 6-8, 2008. Artist Talks and Screenings by Sara Diamond and Elizabeth VanderZaag; Screening of Short Video Program and Panel Discussion, UBC and VIVO Media Centre, Vancouver BC

curatorial projects (co-organizer)

Persistent Resistance, Long Video Programme: Women's Collectives and Documentaries, VIVO Media Centre (curated with Jennifer Fisher and Elizabeth Mackenzie), November 2008

exhibition reviews

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Essays and Reviews

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GlogauAIR, Berlin, 2010

Canada Council International Residency, Paris Studio, 2010

AxeNeo7/Daimon, Gatineau, Quebec, 2009


VIVA Award 2010

HSS Grant (UBC) 2008

Hampton Research Award (UBC) 2005

SSHRC - Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (Research/ Creation Grant in Fine Arts) 2004

Canada Council Creative Production Grant 2003

Canada Council Creative Production Grant 2002

B.C. Binning Fellowship Award (UBC) 1998

UBC Fine Arts Book Award 1998

William Souter Memorial Scholarship (NSCAD) 1993

Centennial Foundation Scholarship (NSCAD) 1993