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Che Vuoi
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Che Vuoi

“Che vuoi” means “What do you want?” It is a Lacanian concept that relates to the “enigma of the impenetrable desire of the Other.” Desire is never the subject?s own, but stems from the other?s desire. It is “what do others want from me?”, “what do they see in me?” But even the other also doesn?t know what s/he really wants, the unconscious is driven by what this other thinks an other wants, and this continues ad infinitum. Desire is like a contagion that is passed on from one generation to the next. The “Other” can also be a “transcendental” Other, an unknowable force that seems to run the universe. What does this big Other want?

The animation Che Vuoi began when I asked composer Graham Meisner to write a short piece of music based on this idea, ?What does the other want?” The animation is a response to the music. The result is a kind of “illustration” of the idea of “che vuoi” and how it emerges from the process of subjectivication from the prelinguistic (and one’s encounter with the Real) through to the development of the conscious/unconscious (Imaginary and Symbolic phases), and the development of desire as a kind of contagion that one can never avoid or control.

—Text extracted from Samuel Beckett's Molloy.

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